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The works of Soobin Lee gently unfold the artist's anxieties and uncertainties. As a stranger, she seeks her own future in the skies of London. The dense, dark clouds and the faintly shining clear sky with a silver lining evoke both the worries of an unplanned future and the hope beyond.


The uncertainties and anxieties she encounters are not only the existential anxieties that prove human existence but also the realistic issues of a young individual stepping out of her comfort zone to face a larger world as an artist.


Her current artistic practice is divided into two areas: Vessels and wall-mounted pieces. Both aspects of her work emerge from an experimental exploration of materials, as she conducts numerous tests and immerses herself in the realm of textures and colours. Through this process, she has discovered her own distinctive palette, lending her creations a unique identity.


Soobin believes that expressing anxiety and inner turmoil does not always require the explosive eruption often associated with such emotions. Instead, she calmly captures her worries about an uncertain future and her hopes for tomorrow in her painted ceramics and vessels. Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing hues of the sky, she replaces fleeting colours with enduring ceramic materials—the most enduring medium. The repetitive strokes of her knife and the layering of clay become a meditative practice, offering solace amidst the anxieties of the present.

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